Sole & Part
Vessel Chartering

Agile has developed a wide network of ship owners and different types of brokers which helps procure and offer the best fixing terms.

Dangerous Goods

Agile has extensive experience in moving dangerous goods and hazardous substances with high safety standards from pickup to delivery.

Breakbulk & Bulk Cargo
Customized Logistics Solutions

Agile helps its clients conduct feasibility studies on breakbulk and bulk cargo modules compared to traditional shipping modules.

Stowage plan & Cargo
Dimensions calculations

Agile can pre-plan stowage, determine accurate weights, measurements and dimensions on different packing lists and give a means for inspectors to unpack quickly to check a piece count of the contents.


Agile has business relationships with reputable surveyors in Egypt for all types of commodities including but not limited to cargo, draft, bunker, on-hire, off-hire and condition survey.


Agile has extensive past experience in moving bulk commodities from Egyptian ports. We are able to make arrangements with the most efficient stevedore companies to ensure the fastest vessel dispatch upon our customers’ request. We attend all loading and unloading planning meetings and we monitor all operations through our dedicated vessel representatives.